Is there a Sex Toy Store that is Safe for Christians?

Christian sex toys

It took a couple of years for my husband and I to get me to orgasm during our lovemaking. Even once we figured it out, we were still unable to make it happen on a consistent basis. We both talked about it and decided to get a vibrator so that I could also have an orgasm in each of our lovemaking sessions if I felt like it. 

When my husband and I first started looking for toys to enhance our sex life I was astounded at the amount of nudity and vulgarity that I was exposed to. When we sat at the computer, we would try to type search words that would be least likely to lead us to a page with nudity but almost every site we went to had something that made us cringe as we quickly clicked away. It was even worse when I looked for something sexy for the bedroom. There was no way for me to look for a negligee or a costume without seeing most or all of the body of an attractive model. That not only affected my self esteem as I considered how I would look, but it also made it so that I felt like I could not include my husband in the selection process which was half the fun.


Over the years we learned how to navigate the adult world with minimal exposure to nudity, but I have never forgotten those first months of trying to navigate a world that should have been meant for faithful couples but seemed to cater to the depraved. I always knew that I wanted to start this webstore as a way to protect those who are trying to enhance their faithful relationship without having to expose themselves to the depraved and unholy.

Our sex life has totally changed since that first vibrator. Where before, if I was not feeling it, I would refuse sex to my husband, now I know that I can start lower on the arousal scale and still have an amazing encounter if I decide that I am open to it. It is so nice for both of us to know that one way or another, I can climax just like he can. Sex toys have truly revolutionized our marriage for the better!

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I feel like sex is a God given gift that many women miss out on because of the sex negative culture that has been passed down in Christianity. But if you truly pay attention to the teachings of the Bible, sex is a wonderful gift that God expects us to partake of often and not refuse. I hope our website can help you navigate the adult world with confidence and faith.