Be More Adventurous

New and varied sexual experiences are one of the cornerstones of a pleasurable and satisfactory sex life!

Being sexually adventurous is not only linked to the level of sexual satisfaction, but also with the longevity of a relationship. Spontaneity in sex brings an adrenaline rush, intensifying the experience and creating a broader sense of intimacy in a loving relationship.

So, whether it is something kinkier than usual, or fantasizing about trying something from the Fifty Shades of Grey, being adventurous is going to yield some relationship benefits.

Stay tuned for some fun and exciting ways to enhance your relationship.

  • Communicate your desires and fantasies

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    Having sex in the back seat of a car or the shower, role-play or using sex toys. We all have different sexual fantasies. Share your desires and fantasies with your partner and explore the possibilities of checking a couple of them off of your list.   

  • Praise What They Are Already Doing

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    Regardless of your partner’s bedroom skills, making them feel better about themselves will lead to better sex. Tell them how much you love it when they nibble your ear or how good they are in leading you to new positions. Boost their ego, make them feel safe and loved, and they will be a lot open to exploring new things.

  • Try a change of scenery

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    Bedrooms are cozy and comfortable. Naturally, most long-term couples hop into the bed to go through their usual sexual routine. How about taking it to the kitchen or the study? Incorporating a new location can go a long way in making things more adventurous.  


  • Seduction

  • lingerie seduction

    Extending the pleasure makes sex more exciting. This can be easily done if you learn how to enjoy and practice seduction. Seduce your partner by taking things really slow. Undress slowly and let your partner watch or undress your partner. If you are nervous, you can turn the lights low or use candles. This will not only create a romantic ambiance but will also help you let loose.

  • Use Handcuffs or blindfolds

  • handcuffs blindfolds

    There's something sexy about being teased in bed when you are all tied up and blindfolded. You’ll experience another level of ecstasy when your partner explores your body and you are kept from touching or seeing. It is also exciting to be the one in control and watch your partner twist in anticipation.

  • Slip-On Something ‘Sexy and Inviting’ Beneath Your Clothes

  • lingerie costume sexy

    Wear a piece of lingerie that will turn on your partner. You can either go for button-clad boy shorts, some silky undergarments, a full costume or simply pick a black lacy slip to do the trick. Let your partner get a sneak peek at your outfit and anticipate it for the rest of the day.

  • Role Play

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    Well, dressing up in sexy lingerie is pretty basic. How about taking things up a notch and indulging in a little role play. You can make yours and your partner’s fantasies come alive by picking a character and acting a part. Let go of your insecurities and say and do things you wouldn’t normally have the confidence to.

  • Transform The Routine into A Game

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    Turn it into a game. Make bets on trivia questions or board games, and let the winner get a sensual massage using a massage lotion. Have your lingerie on and let him find some creative ways to work around it. You can wrestle with each other naked, take turns teasing each other and have fun to explore other ways to make sex play time.

  • Craft a Tool Box for Sex

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    Once you start playing, you can create a sex toolbox with items you regularly use like lube and condoms, blindfolds, handcuffs, a vibrator or other toys that you and your partner enjoy together. You don’t need to use your toolbox every time you have sex, but it’s exciting to know you have the toys if you feel like playing.

    Safely opening up to new experiences in bed can take your intimacy to another level. Take a chance and try something new in your bedroom!