5 Ways to Flirt Again

Does it still put a smile on your face when you remember that first pickup line from your spouse?

Do you miss those days?

Wouldn’t you like to live those moments again? Creating more memories could be even better.

Whether you are just married or have been enjoying the marital bliss for a long time, flirting can still be an everyday thing.

But what is Flirting?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, FLIRT is defined as “to behave as if sexually attracted to someone, although not seriously.”

I don’t agree with the second part, “not seriously.” You should take it seriously. Flirting has the ability to refresh your relationship like nothing else.

Aren’t you still sexually attracted to your spouse? Maybe you aren’t the same two spring chickens that met all those years ago, but there is definitely something which connects the two of you. Stoke that fire.

How to FLIRT with your spouse?

Maybe it’s been a while since you have really flirted. It might feel a little awkward to throw out a pickup line or cop a feel. You might even need to warn him and say “prepare yourself, because I’m going to flirt with you”.  But the more you do it, the more natural it feels. Here are a few ways to get started.

  • Get Touchy
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    Touch him gently, smack his butt, a wink across the room, run your fingers through his hair, rub his back, hold hands. Since you are married, there is no need to be shy. While massaging his head, move your fingers down to his chest and nibble his ear. Give him a sultry look while asking him how his day was. Put the finger on his lips while he is speaking, pull him towards you and kiss him passionately. Let your imagination be your guide. If you want a little help changing things up, add these dice to your next date night!

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  • Laughter
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    Make each other laugh. Now that you have been married for a while, you probably realize that laughing is not the most important part of marriage. Things like providing for the family, taking care of the kids can take precedence. But that doesn’t mean that laughing together isn’t important. As you touch more, laughing will come easier. Taunt him. Tease him. Put an ice cube into her t-shirt while she is working in the kitchen. Grab the phone, tell him if he wants it, he’ll have to catch you. Start a tickle fight or start a game of tag. One piece of advice here though. Sarcasm is a dangerous thing, don’t make your spouse the butt of jokes or sarcasm. Use laughter to lift your relationship.

  • Pay Attention
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  • Listen intently to everything your spouse says. Make eye contact.  Just for a moment, forget everything around and stare at him as you did during your initial dates. If you are lucky and he asks, “Do you need anything?” answer coyly. “I do.” Wink and sigh. Grab his arm when he least expects it. Lean on him, stare at him and tell him how good he smells. Find ways that you can give each other attention to the areas that are missing it. Use these pens to highlight where you would like some more attention.

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  • Compliment them Often
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    Compliment your spouse often. The smallest compliment make your spouse feel the affection and love you have for them. You’ll be surprised how a compliment can motivate your spouse to be better. Have a complimentary pet name for your partner. The more you genuinely compliment your spouse and lift them up, the more you lift your marriage.

  • Get Tech Savvy
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    Flirting in person is fun, but technology gives you other ways to flirt with your spouse. Use texts and emails to prepare for the moment when you two are together again. Send flirty texts while he is at work, send him a naughty picture, make him want to come home early. Make use of technology to stay connected when you two are not together, physically.

    Flirting isn’t difficult. We need to leave the awkwardness behind and start having fun again. Let’s get the excitement back in your relationship.

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